More than a Spirit Mark

Four versions of the Monogram

The Notre Dame monogram is the University’s most recognizable logo. However, it is not the primary mark for the University academy. Therefore, it should only be used by non-academic units such as campus services, alumni clubs, and student groups.

It is familiar and recognizable to our key audiences and represents the spirit of the University. Therefore, it may be used prominently in certain communications.

Download the Monogram


The monogram may appear in Notre Dame blue, Notre Dame gold or black, or reversed in white. Specific color values are available on the University Colors page.


A tall blue banner with the monogram in the middle and cityscape at the bottom


  • Monogram - Do Not 1Do not: Use the monogram without the ® registered trademark symbol

  • Monogram - Do Not 2Do not: Use the monogram in a lockup with colleges, schools, or departments

  • Monogram - Do Not 3Do not: Choose off-brand colors without valid reasons for doing so

  • Monogram - Do Not 4Do not: Skew or alter the monogram in any way

  • Monogram - Do Not 5Do not: Recreate the monogram. Only use art downloaded from our downloads section.

  • Monogram - Do Not 6Do not: Use the monogram as a faded background

Do not use retired or vintage logos

Logos from the Vintage Vault are only allowed in special cases within Athletics or for merchandise.

  • Monogram - Do Not Use 4
  • Monogram - Do Not Use 3
  • Monogram - Do Not Use 2