Photo and Video

After July 1, 2023, videographers and photographers in the Office of Public Affairs and Communications (OPAC) will be devoted full-time to collaborative work that aligns with the University’s strategic framework themes and messaging priorities. They will not be available on a for-hire basis to undertake additional projects; this work will be handled by outside service providers.

The videography service providers are familiar with University standards and protocols. You will need to contact the provider directly to learn availability and rates.

Videography service providers on this list have done work on campus and are familiar with University standards and protocols. You will need to contact the provider directly to learn availability and rates. The department or group contracting a provider is responsible for arranging payment directly to the provider using standard Notre Dame vendor payment methods.

The photographers listed here have been vetted by the University photographers. They are trained on University standards and protocol and are approved vendors with Procurement Services. Each person on this list has signed a contract with Procurement specifying that any photographs taken will be owned by the University and copyrighted. You will need to contact the freelancer directly to learn availability and rates.

The department or group contracting an outside vendor for videographer or photography is responsible for scheduling and payment using standard Notre Dame vendor payment methods.

In general, outside videography services should be secured for the following projects:

  • Instructional/how-to videos
  • Event/conference coverage and b-roll capture
  • Teleprompter stand-ups
  • Television commercials
  • Editing video shot by a third party

Outside photography services should be coordinated for the following:

  • Campus on-location faculty and staff headshots
  • All student headshots
  • Event and conference photography

Faculty/Staff Studio Headshots

Looking for a new headshot for your department website? Schedule your 10-minute studio headshot appointment using the link below.

Starting August 1, 2023, we will be offering only the gray gradient-style background for staff/faculty headshots. If your department has used other colors or styles of backgrounds in the past, you’ll need to hire a freelance photographer to have those taken.

Studio Headshot Example

Our studio is located in the basement of Grace Hall. We are offering these headshots at no cost to faculty/staff and by appointment only.

We recommend wearing business attire, and to avoid wearing all white, all black, or busy shirt patterns. Solid colors are best.

After your session, we’ll email you a proof gallery of all your photos so you can select one image for processing and final use. We’ll do our best to get you the completed headshot within one week of your appointment, but the timeline is subject to change due to other commitments that the photographers may have. Please know that you are allotted only one studio headshot every 24 months.

University photographers primarily capture images to be used in storytelling efforts relating to the University’s strategic priorities. Occasionally this requires them to be called away at the last minute. If this occurs over your scheduled session, we will notify you of the next available times for headshot photography.

Schedule your headshot Download Account Request

For all faculty and staff, we offer free downloads of our stock photography from These downloads are meant for ND projects only and not for personal use.

Sign up for an account at the link below. Once your request is approved, we’ll let you know your account has been upgraded to allow for high-resolution downloads.

Request a download account

Outtakes Policy

We are not able to provide unedited outtakes from photo sessions. The photos made by Brand Content photographers are the property of the University of Notre Dame and are curated with the best technical quality and interest of the University in mind.