Campus Communicators Directory

Public Affairs and Communications engages with campus communicators in numerous ways with the goal of sharing information and resources to help communicators tell the University’s story.

This directory lists those campus communicators who have primary responsibility for overseeing communications efforts in their area. Update or add your information to the directory.

Colleges and Schools

  • School of Architecture
    Mary Beth Zachariades
    Communications Program Director, Dean’s Office
  • College of Arts and Letters
    Kate Garry
    Director, Communications and Marketing
  • Mendoza College of Business
    Carol Elliott
    Director of Communications
  • College of Engineering
    Joan Wulff Fallon
    Director Communication & Marketing, Dean’s Office
  • Keough School of Global Affairs
    Ti Lavers
    Director of Communications and Marketing
  • Graduate School
    Aaron Bell
    Communications Specialist
  • School of Law
    Kevin Allen
    Director, Marketing Communications
  • College of Science
    Tammi Freehling
    Associate Director, Marketing Communications, Dean’s Office

Institutes, Centers, Academic Units

  • Center for Civil and Human Rights
    Kevin Fye
    Communications Program Manager
  • Center for Ethics and Culture
    Ken Hallenius
    Communications Specialist
  • Center for Social Concerns
    JP Shortall
    Director of Communications and Advancement
  • DeBartolo Performing Arts Center
    Leigh Hayden
    Director External Relations, Performing Arts Marketing
  • Institute for Educational Initiatives
    Theo Helm
    Director of Communications
  • Hesburgh Libraries
    Tara O’Leary
    Communications Program Director
  • Initiative for Global Development
    Luis Ruuska
    Communications Specialist
  • Inspired Leadership Initiative
    Lauren Fox
    Program Director, ND Leadership Initiatives
  • Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies
    Christine Cox
    Assistant Director of Programs and Strategies
  • McGrath Institute for Church Life
    Brett Robinson
    Director of Communications
  • Kellogg Institute for International Studies
    Karen Clay
    Communications Manager
  • Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies
    Mary Hendriksen
    Assistant Director
  • Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies
    Hannah Heinzekehr
    Communications Director
  • Medieval Institute
    Megan J. Hall
    Assistant Director
  • Nanovic Institute
    Jennifer L. "Jenn" Lechtanski
    Communications Specialist


  • Athletics Deptartment
    Rob Kelly
    Senior Associate Athletics Director, Media & Branding
  • Athletics Department
    Aaron Horvath
    Assistant Athletic Director of Strategic Communications and Media Relations
  • Campus Dining
    Molly Fremeau
    Marketing and Design Specialist
  • Campus Ministry
    Danielle Kincaid
    Associate Director of Communications
  • Human Resources
    Anna McKeever
    Communications Program Manager
  • Notre Dame International
    Joya Helmuth
    Communications Director
  • Notre Dame International
    Colleen Wilcox
    Content Specialist
  • Notre Dame Research
    Joanne D. Fahey
    Director of Communications
  • Office of Information Technologies
    Lenette Votava
    Marketing Professional
  • Office of Public Affairs and Communications
    Andy Fuller
    Director of Strategic Content
  • Office of Public Affairs and Communications
    Beth Grisoli
    Director of Multimedia Services
  • Office of Public Affairs and Communications
    Liz Harter
    Social Media Program Manager
  • Office of Public Affairs and Communications
    Scott Tingwald
    Managing Director, Marketing Communications
  • Office of Public Affairs and Communications
    Timothy Legge
    Director of Print Services, Marketing Communications
  • Office of Public Affairs and Communications
    Sue Ryan
    Director, Media Relations
  • Office of Public Affairs and Communications
    Zach Allen
    Director of Web Services, Marketing Communications
  • Office of Public Affairs and Communications
    Gwen O'Brien
    Director, Internal Communications
  • Office of the Registrar
    Stephanie M. Maenhout
    Communications and Sr. Reporting Specialist
  • Office of Student Affairs
    Kate Morgan
    Communications Program Director
  • Office of Undergraduate Enrollment
    Joyce L. Lantz, M.S.Ed
    Director of Recruitment and Communications
  • Student Activities Office
    Michael Scholl
    Communications Specialist
  • Recruitment and Communications, Enrollment Division
    Mirella Riley
    Program Director, Academic Recruitment
  • RecSports
    Kendra Bayne
    Assistant Director, Administration: Assessment, Communication, & Staff Development
  • Notre Dame Alumni Association, University Relations
    Bill Gangluff
    Senior Director of Communications and Marketing
  • University Relations: Development
    Jim Small
    Associate Vice President, Story Telling, Marketing Communications