With Institutions, Centers and Programs

Be consistent in placement when co-branding. For example, the Pulte Institute logo is locked up in the lower left hand corner and the parent logo is locked up with the academic mark in the lower right hand corner. The example on the right, demonstrates the International sub-brand lock-up.

Posters Cobranding


How to handle 5 or less sponsors

Mark Sponsoring
Internationalweek Poster

Be consistent in placement when co-branding multiple events.

If you have any questions about this branding protocol, contact Tim Legge.Different entities (department, college/school, or division, etc.) are simply listed opposite the University mark and separated by a vertical line.

More than 5 sponsors

Mark Sponsoring Multilevel

In cases where there are many co-sponsors, follow the same principle of 'listing' the groups by adding columns as shown. The font should be Galaxie Polaris Condensed Book.