Frequently Asked Questions: Brand Standards

Are brand standards a radical departure from the past?

No. The refinements we are implementing in 2023 help align our communications and move the academic brand forward. They demonstrate a strong connection to the visual elements that have historically existed at the University. These brand standards are a refresh, rather than a restart, and have been deliberately refined to better suit today’s evolving communication channels. 

Do I have to apply the brand standards to my communications materials?

If your audiences are external, and your goal is to inform them about mission-focused objectives for your area, then the answer is yes. You should reflect the core attributes of the University brand. 

Rules surrounding the use of University logos and logo architecture in all applications are mandatory.

Colors and typefaces/fonts have been carefully selected to create a cohesive family that provides for a wide range of creative possibilities for the University masterbrand.

Use of these elements in communications will help the University maintain a consistent look and feel for our key audiences. Please consider the use of these elements in your communications. If you feel you have a unique communications or identity need, please contact Tim Legge to discuss options.

How do I order new business cards/stationery?

Continue to order through buy.nd.edu, as the University’s approved vendor has been provided with templates reflecting these new standards.

Am I required to use only the new, University-approved colors and typefaces/fonts?

No. For questions or concerns regarding the new brand standards, or for University-approved fonts not already installed on your computer, please contact Tim Legge.

For questions regarding commercial applications of a Notre Dame trademark (academic mark, monogram, leprechaun, etc.), please contact Tomi Gerhold or call 631-9327.