Voice is the style and tone in which we communicate. It’s HOW we tell the Notre Dame story through words.

The difference between message, voice, and campaign:

  • Our message is what we say. It is the content and information that we must communicate.
  • Our voice is the tone we take when we speak or write. It makes our content more emotional, conversational, and approachable. It gives the Notre Dame brand personality and brings our stories to life.
  • campaign changes over time. It’s a flexible part of our written and verbal communications that is based around a timely message.

What is the personality of the Notre Dame voice?

  • FOCUSED: The message has a clear hierarchy that allows one strong point to rise to the top.
  • TIMELESS: Our writing is not trendy. It gives a nod to our rich heritage and Catholic faith tradition.
  • MOTIVATING: Our writing should inspire action. It should be clear what we are asking the reader to do.
  • POWERFUL: Bold statements capture attention.
  • TRUTHFUL: Our copy is rich with proof points and emotive stories.

What is the structure of our voice?

We structure our sentences to deliver a point of view and perspective that is unique to Notre Dame. We fill a unique role in the world, and it’s up to us to communicate that as a differentiator whenever possible.

Create powerful, memorable copy by making it. . .

  • Simple.
  • Real.
  • Direct.
  • Useful.
  • Clear.
  • Approachable.
  • Brief.
  • Consistent.

Sample phrases:

  • “Creating the leaders the world needs.”
  • “Tackling the most enduring questions of our time.”
  • “We believe in the power research has to advance knowledge and impact lives.”
  • “Research is not just about numbers, data, or properties.
    It’s about passion, faith, and truth.”
  • “A century-long tradition of always looking ahead.”