Vintage Vault

The following monograms, spirit marks, and wordmarks are retired and are no longer permitted for general use. To ensure more consistent representation of the Notre Dame athletics brand, it is important to phase out these marks from general use and adopt the new approved standards.

All identities in the vintage vault can be used only with approval from OPAC, Fighting Irish Media, and Notre Dame licensing. The following identities share important roles, encapsulating the tradition of Notre Dame, and should be used in historical context.

Use discretion when implementing the identities featured in the vintage vault and keep Notre Dame’s history alive with modest usage appropriate for the execution at hand.

Retired Monograms

Vintage Vault Monograms 1

Retired Logos

Vintage Vault Marks 1

Retired Leprechaun

Vintage Vault Leprechaun 1


Note: This version of the leprechaun has the same construction as the current spirit mark; however, the colors have been updated with the true gold from the newly developed palette. This version of the leprechaun should be used only for heritage applications.

Retired Shamrocks

Vintage Vault Shamrocks 1

Retired Wordmarks

Vintage Vault Wordmarks 1


The assets featured in this section are to be used solely by the University of Notre Dame Athletics Department. They are not intended to be used in academic or administrative communications.

In the rare instance that an athletics asset could be considered for use by an academic or administrative entity, that entity must first request use of the branding element(s) by contacting Fighting Irish Media.