Wordmarks Examples 1

The Notre Dame and Fighting Irish wordmarks can be used independently or in conjunction with the Notre Dame monogram. When used independently of the monogram please include the TM symbol. When used in conjunction with the monogram it is permissible to omit the TM symbol.

Wordmark Fighting Irish Two Color Example

The official wordmarks should only be displayed using the Leahy typeface and should not be paired with any other typeface as an official lockup. No other words or phrases should be used as an official trademarked wordmark using the Leahy typeface in conjunction with the Notre Dame monogram.

Download Notre Dame wordmark Download Fighting Irish wordmark

General Rules

  • Always use official electronic artwork provided by Fighting Irish Media and Notre Dame licensing.
  • Do not alter or recreate the mark in any way.
  • Only use approved designated color combinations.

Minimum Size

The display of the wordmarks should never compromise the integrity of its construction. Even with its simple design, adhere to the size limitations to ensure precision when displaying the logo.

Wordmarks Print Minimum Size

Print Applications and Embroidery

In print applications, the wordmarks should not be scaled smaller than 0.5 inches in height. Use good judgement when designing and executing across different mediums and substrates. If legibility becomes an issue, increase the size to ensure the integrity of the wordmark.

Wordmarks Digital Minimum Size

Digital Applications

In digital applications, the wordmarks should not be scaled smaller than 36 pixels in height. Use good judgment and scale appropriately to ensure the integrity of the wordmark.

Clear Space

Wordmarks Clear Space

The clear space is the protected area around the wordmark that must be maintained to ensure no other graphic elements interfere with its clarity and integrity. It is also the minimum space the wordmark may be placed from any corner of an artboard in which it is placed.

Respect the developed boundaries and maintain appropriate separation. To preserve the wordmark’s prominence, no additional iconography, marks, or artwork may be used in conjunction with the monogram.

The defined clear space is “X” units. The “X” unit correlates directly to one-quarter the height of the wordmark.

Color Examples

Examples of permitted wordmark color combinations:

Wordmarks Color Variations 1(click to enlarge)


The assets featured in this section are to be used solely by the University of Notre Dame Athletics Department. They are not intended to be used in academic or administrative communications.

In the rare instance that an Athletics asset could be considered for use by an academic or administrative entity, that entity must first request use of the branding element(s) by contacting Fighting Irish Media.