Irish Wordmark

Irish Wordmark 1

The script Irish wordmark is another spirit brand asset that can be used to represent the fighting spirit of Notre Dame. This visual element depicts our nickname and celebrates our Irish heritage.

The Irish wordmark is reserved for use on official team uniforms and should be displayed prominently as a chestplate graphic on jerseys. The Irish wordmark should be used for alternate home uniforms.

The Irish wordmark is available for use on select merchandise and must be approved by Fighting Irish Media and Notre Dame licensing. Contact Fighting Irish Media with questions.

Download the Irish wordmark

General Rules

  • The wordmark should not be altered in any way.
  • Always use the official electronic artwork provided by Fighting Irish Media and Notre Dame licensing.
  • Only use the wordmark in the approved color combinations.
  • The wordmark is reserved for specific use cases and should not be used outside of such.

Background Color Variations

The wordmark can be shown in the following color combinations.

Irish Wordmark Color Examples 1

Minimum Size

The wordmark should be displayed primarily at a larger size due to its complex construction. In certain instances when a smaller version is needed, adhere to the following size guidelines.

Irish Wordmark Print Minimum Size

Print Applications

The wordmark should not be scaled smaller than 1.5 inches in width. Use good judgment when designing and executing across different mediums and substrates. If legibility becomes an issue, increase the size to ensure integrity of the mark.

Irish Wordmark Digital Minimum Size

Digital Applications

The wordmark should not be scaled smaller than 100 pixels in width. Use good judgment and scale appropriately to make sure the integrity of the mark stays intact.

Irish Wordmark Clear Space

Clear Space

The clear space is the protected area around the visual asset that must be maintained to ensure no other graphic elements interfere with its clarity and integrity. It is also the minimum space the visual asset may be placed from any corner of an artboard in which it is placed. Respect the developed boundaries and maintain appropriate separation.

Don’ts: Unacceptable Logo Techniques

It is important to ensure that the integrity of the wordmark continues to stay intact. Do not use any of the below design techniques.

  • irish_wordmark_do_not_example_8Do not combine with other words

  • irish_wordmark_do_not_example_7Do not use as clipping mask

  • irish_wordmark_do_not_example_6Do not alter wordmark

  • irish_wordmark_do_not_example_5Do not use pure outlined version

  • irish_wordmark_do_not_example_4Do not alter colors

  • irish_wordmark_do_not_example_3Do not distort

  • irish_wordmark_do_not_example_2Do not place on an angle

  • irish_wordmark_do_not_example_1Do not add filter effects