Monogram Team Lock-up

Wordmark Monogram Stacked One Color(click to enlarge)

Wordmark Monogram Stacked Two Color(click to enlarge)

The Monogram team lock-ups can be used as an alternative to the stacked and horizontal wordmark lock-ups. The sport name should be one color and set in Leahy Regular below a one color or two monogram. All sports can use this singular lock-up including men’s and women’s designated sports.

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Specific Sports Include:

Baseball; Fencing; Football; Golf; Hockey; Lacrosse; Rowing; Soccer; Softball; Tennis; Basketball; Cross Country; Swimming & Diving; Track & Field; Volleyball; (M/W) Basketball; (M/W) Golf; (M/W) Lacrosee; (M/W) Soccer; (M/W) Tennis

Monogram Team Lock-up Color Variations

Wordmark Monogram Stacked Color Variations(click to enlarge)