Monogram Team Lockup

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The monogram team lockups can be used as an alternative to the stacked and horizontal wordmark lockups. The sport name should be one color and set in Leahy Regular below a one-color or two-color monogram. All sports can use this singular lockup, including men’s and women’s designated sports.

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Specific Sports Include:

Baseball, fencing, football, golf, hockey, lacrosse, rowing, soccer, softball, tennis, basketball, cross country, swimming and diving, track and field, volleyball

Monogram Team Lockup Color Variations

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The assets featured in this section are to be used solely by the University of Notre Dame Athletics Department. They are not intended to be used in academic or administrative communications.

In the rare instance that an Athletics asset could be considered for use by an academic or administrative entity, that entity must first request use of the branding element(s) by contacting Tim O'Connor.