Leprechaun 1

The leprechaun is a secondary spirit mark of Notre Dame athletics. Its long-standing history represents the tenacious spirit of the Fighting Irish and their determination. The leprechaun is recognized around the world today as the mascot of Notre Dame athletics dating back to its design in the early 1960s.

As a secondary mark to the Notre Dame monogram, the leprechaun should be featured in large format whenever possible and should never be scaled too small, to prevent lost of effectiveness. Due to the mark’s popularity over the decades, the leprechaun is allowed as a standalone figure representing the Notre Dame athletics program.

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Note: The leprechaun has been updated to be consistent with the official color palette of Notre Dame athletics.

General Rules

  • Always use official electronic artwork provided by Fighting Irish Media and Notre Dame licensing.
  • Respect the tradition and integrity of the leprechaun spirit mark. Do not alter or recreate the mark in any way. Do not put anything in his hands, change his hat, or alter his facial expression.
  • The leprechaun should always be facing forward to the right. There are special use case scenarios that may allow for exceptions to this rule (e.g., double-sided use on helmets). In these special instances, please seek approval from Fighting Irish Media.
  • Only use approved designated color combinations.

Leprechaun Variations 1

Full-Color and One-Color Variations

The full-color version of the leprechaun is the primary mark used for executions. It is always preferred to display the mark in full-color regardless of background color; however, the mark can also be used in the color variations shown if necessary.

Minimum Size

The leprechaun should be displayed primarily at a larger size due to its complex construction. In certain instances when a smaller version is needed, adhere to the following size guidelines.

Leprechaun Minimum Print Size

Print Applications

The leprechaun should not be scaled smaller than 1.5 inches in height. Use good judgment when designing and executing across different mediums and substrates. If legibility becomes an issue, increase the size to ensure integrity of the mark.

Leprechaun Minimum Digital Size

Digital Applications

The leprechaun should not be scaled smaller than 100 pixels in height. Use good judgment and scale appropriately to make sure the integrity of the mark stays intact.

Leprechaun Clear Space

Clear Space

The clear space is the protected area around the mark that must be maintained to ensure no other graphic elements interfere with its clarity and integrity. It is also the minimum space the mark may be placed from any corner of an artboard in which it is placed. Respect the developed boundaries and maintain appropriate separation.


It is preferred to use the unaltered, full version of the leprechaun. In certain circumstances, however, it is permitted to crop the leprechaun to add visual interest and impact. Such instances may include leprechaun placement on special helmets, facility decorative walls, or mobile phone icons.

In any case where cropping the leprechaun will heighten the visual experience and appeal of the leprechaun, seek approval and usage direction from Fighting Irish Media and Notre Dame licensing.

Adhere to the following criteria when cropping the mark:

  • Leprechaun Cropped

    The eye of the leprechaun must appear within the crop area.
  • Most of the face, hat, and shamrock must be included within the crop area.
  • Do not use the cropped mark as a standalone identifier for Notre Dame athletics. There must be a secondary identifier to support the cropped logo (e.g., an app icon will have the Notre Dame athletics name below it; helmets will be supported by the entire branded uniform).
  • Only the full-color version of the leprechaun should be cropped.
  • The cropped leprechaun should follow other uncropped leprechaun guidance (e.g., color, positioning, size).
  • This version should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Don’ts: Unacceptable Logo Techniques

The leprechaun has accumulated strong brand equity through its long-established history. It is important to ensure that the integrity of the leprechaun continues to stay intact. Do not use any of the below design techniques.

  • leprechaun_do_not_example_16Do not change color combinations

  • leprechaun_do_not_example_15Do not mask with other elements

  • leprechaun_do_not_example_14Do not alter face or any other aspects

  • leprechaun_do_not_example_13Do not color skin

  • leprechaun_do_not_example_12Do not add drop shadow

  • leprechaun_do_not_example_11Do not use bevel or other filters

  • leprechaun_do_not_example_10Do not add gradients

  • leprechaun_do_not_example_9Do not place on a non-contrasting/distracting background

  • leprechaun_do_not_example_8Do not mask within complex shape

  • leprechaun_do_not_example_7Do not combine with other shapes

  • leprechaun_do_not_example_6Do not add elements on top

  • leprechaun_do_not_example_5Do not place objects in hands

  • leprechaun_do_not_example_4Do not distort disproportionately

  • leprechaun_do_not_example_3Do not outline

  • leprechaun_do_not_example_2Do not face backward

  • leprechaun_do_not_example_1Do not place on an angle


The assets featured in this section are to be used solely by the University of Notre Dame Athletics Department. They are not intended to be used in academic or administrative communications.

In the rare instance that an Athletics asset could be considered for use by an academic or administrative entity, that entity must first request use of the branding element(s) by contacting Fighting Irish Media.