Custom Logos

Three logos in a row including Idea Week, Deloitte Center, and McKenna Center

New logos need to be approved by Public Affairs and Communications. Contact Notre Dame Creative at 574-631-4636 to talk through objectives, expectations, and process. You will be expected to work within these standards and appropriately represent the University.

The centers, programs, and institutes at Notre Dame—unlike the colleges, schools, divisions, and departments—have more flexibility in their identities.

Institutes and centers, as well as time-framed programs, campaigns, and events, are allowed to have their own logos.

Placing the Notre Dame mark on these communications gives them the benefit of a Notre Dame endorsement for these initiatives without disrupting their ability to create their own brand identity. The two should work in concert to create the most impact.

Be ever mindful and respectful that while the Golden Dome is a world-famous landmark, as well as the most recognizable symbol of the University, it is not your typical landmark. Please remember what Mary represents to Notre Dame and to Catholics here and around the world. Proper treatment of Golden Dome images is set forth on the Golden Dome information page.