Golden Dome

A panoramic view of campus with a rainbow stretching from end to end

The Main Building, with its famous Golden Dome, is a centerpiece of Notre Dame’s past and present. The current structure is actually the third building to stand on the site. The Golden Dome was added to this building in 1882 and was most recently regilded in 2005. As one of our most treasured assets, we want to treat it consistently and with care.

Appropriate Use of the Golden Dome

As the most recognizable symbol of the University, the Golden Dome should be reserved for formal uses, such as on the covers of magazines, annual reports, etc., as well as for special features and invitations.

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Be Mindful and Respectful of the Virgin Mary

Father Sorin said, “I came here as a young man and dreamed of building a great university in honor of Our Lady.” Notre Dame is Our Lady’s University, and Mary, standing atop the Golden Dome, symbolizes our faith. Therefore, be ever mindful and respectful that while the Golden Dome is a world-famous landmark, as well as the most recognizable symbol of the University, it is not your typical landmark. Please remember what Mary represents to Notre Dame and to Catholics here and around the world.

Do Not

Type Over Dome2

Do not place type over Mary.