Minimum Website Requirements

There are instances where the use of the Notre Dame Web Theme is not necessary for branding or technical reasons. In such instances, designers may take a more flexible approach to design, adhering to the minimum standards outlined here. Units should not assume that such instances are automatically approved, and should consult with Notre Dame Creative prior to beginning work to ensure approval.

The following categories are the types of websites that could qualify for minimum standards:

  • Special Events—Time-bound, branded special events (example:
  • Branded Initiatives and Campaigns—Campaigns and branded initiatives of the University (example:
  • Products, Journals, and Guides—Websites that are branded outputs of the University (example:
  • Auxiliaries—Campus units with specific audiences and business or retail priorities (example:
  • Arts—Campus units with an arts focus, not tied to an academic program (example:
    • Note: Programs, departments, and schools with an arts focus (reporting to Office of the Provost) are expected to use the Notre Dame Web Theme.

Web Minimums

No Requirements

These types of sites should be designed incorporating Notre Dame’s branding elements as appropriate, but there is no prescriptive method for doing so:

  • Athletics—ND Varsity Athletics has branding parameters unique from the rest of the University. (example:
  • Internal Applications—applications developed for an on-campus internal audience may be custom designed (example:
  • Third-Party Applications—certain applications have technical constraints that limit branding and layout (example:
  • Collaborations—when Notre Dame partners with other universities or organizations (and isn’t the clear leader of the initiative), the design language is flexible (example: These sites should include Notre Dame’s academic mark, but sizing, placement, and layout are flexible.

All websites not falling into these categories are expected to use the Notre Dame Web Theme as a starting point for design. Contact the ND Web Team with questions.