Sports Logos vs. Graphics

In order to unify all teams under one Notre Dame athletics brand, it is vital for every team to use the Notre Dame monogram as its primary identifier. Individual, sport-specific logos fragment the Notre Dame athletics brand and diminish the power of the Notre Dame monogram.

The following are examples of improper usage of individual team logos versus permitted team graphics implementing the monogram:

Sports Logos Do Not 1(click to enlarge)

Prohibited Individual Team Logos

  • Violates clear space requirements
  • Trademarked as individual logo
  • No registration mark on Notre Dame monogram

Do not use individual team logos as identifiers for Notre Dame athletics. The monogram, leprechaun, shamrock, and all other identifying marks should not be designed for sport-specific logos. The Notre Dame monogram by itself should be used across all sports in all applications.

Sports Graphics 1(click to enlarge)

Permissible Notre Dame Sports Graphics

  • Adheres to clear space requirements
  • Notre Dame monogram contains proper registration mark
  • Graphic depiction of basketball not trademarked as an individual identity

It is permissible to use sporting graphics in conjunction with the Notre Dame monogram for apparel, posters, and other graphic applications. The sports graphics should be used sparingly as a graphical element, and not as an identifier for individual sports. Do not trademark the individual sport graphics.


The assets featured in this section are to be used solely by the University of Notre Dame Athletics Department. They are not intended to be used in academic or administrative communications.

In the rare instance that an Athletics asset could be considered for use by an academic or administrative entity, that entity must first request use of the branding element(s) by contacting Tim O'Connor.