Academic Unit Lockups

Consistency is important to the success of the identity program and overall brand recognition. The standards in this section should be used by all academic units (college, school, or department) to identify their programs and services. If you need assistance in creating a lockup, reach out to Marcomm.

Do not use the former sub-branding lockup that places the academic mark with the University's approved serif, Adobe Garamond Pro. See the example below in the “Do Not” section.

Any other application should use the academic mark by itself.

Example of Lockup

Sub Branding Academic 01

A “lockup” refers to the use of the academic mark with the name of a college, school, or academic unit. You should use only the approved and supplied version of the lockup created.

Download College and Schools Lockups

If you don’t have an existing lockup, contact MarComm for assistance in crafting one for your academic unit..

Stationery Example

To have your business cards, letterhead, and stationery created, contact buyND. Express Press is the University’s strategic printing partner for business cards, stationery, note cards, note pads, and envelopes. All products include 100% post-consumer recycled paper and the University trademark. 

In these instances (e.g., stationery, business cards), the shield is printed as a two-color gold foil.

Stationery Package

Colleges and Schools Example

Mcobdeloitte Retractable Banner
Mba Viewbook Hr

In the example above, the Mendoza College of Business lockup is on the back cover.

Academic Unit Example

Oois Studyabroadweek Poster 1
Kylemore Viewbook

Academic Department Example

Ili Brochure


The mark and lockup should follow the same color rules as the mark without the lockup.

The college or school name should be treated as part of the mark. So, whatever color you make the mark, the name should follow suit.

Business papers such as stationery, business cards, and envelopes are to use the blue one-color mark, or the gold foil option for the shield.

Do Not

  • Academic Units Donot Former LockupDo not: Use the former sub-branding lockup

  • Academic Units Donot Arrangement 01Do not: Rearrange the lockup. It may only be used in its original horizontal or vertical lockup

  • Sub Branding Donot Color 01​​​​​​Do not: Alter the colors of the college or school lockup

  • Colleges and Schools Do Not 4Do not: Use any other typeface to spell out the college or school name

  • Colleges and Schools Do Not 5Do not: Create unique college or school marks

  • Academic Units Donot Separate 01Do not: Separate the shield and the word mark

  • Colleges and Schools Department Do Not 1Do not: Substitute the University name with the name of a department

  • Colleges and Schools Department Do Not 4Do not: Use any other typeface to spell out the department name or reconfigure the lockup in any way

  • Colleges and Schools Department Do Not 5Do not: Create unique departmental marks