Centers, Institutes, and Programs

Using the Academic Mark

The centers, institutes, and programs at Notre Dame—unlike the colleges, schools, divisions, and departments—have more flexibility in their identities.

In fact, institutes and centers, as well as time-framed programs, campaigns, and events, are allowed to have their own logos.

Placing the Notre Dame mark on these communications gives them the benefit of a Notre Dame endorsement without disrupting their ability to create their own brand identity. The two should work in concert to create the most impact.

Custom Logo Creation

New logos need to be approved by Public Affairs and Communications. Contact Notre Dame Creative at 574-631-4636 to talk through objectives, expectations, and process.

Notre Dame Academic Mark

  • The Notre Dame academic mark must always appear on the same plane as the center, program, or institute mark.
  • Do not lock up the center, program, or institute mark with the academic mark.
  • For the academic mark, follow the size, color, and placement standards set forth on the academic mark page.
  • The academic mark should never be larger than the center, program, or institute mark.
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Center, Institute, or Program Mark

Placement and size of these marks should follow best practice solutions to clearly articulate your brand.

The size of the mark should be larger and more prominent than the Notre Dame academic mark.

Do not use the shield or word mark from the Notre Dame logo as part of your center, program, or institute mark.


  • Centers Do Nots Do Not Add University OfDo not: Add “University of Notre Dame” to the center or institute mark
  • Centers Do Nots Do Not Use Elements OfDo not: Use any elements from other University marks in the mark of a center or institute
  • Centers Do Nots Do Not Use As ModifierUse the center or institute name as a modifier for the academic mark
  • Centers Do Nots Do Not Lockup With MarkDo not: Lock-up a mark for a center or institute with any of the other University marks

Lockup Positioning

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These examples demonstrate proper placement of the Notre Dame academic mark on center, institute, and program business materials.