Digital Signage

Best Practices

Word Count

The recommended word count maximum for one sign is 40 words. Be mindful that your audience is typically walking by these displays, so you have a short amount of time to capture their attention.


Focus your communication on these three points: what, when, where. If you need to provide more detailed information, consider using a QR code or web address to direct viewers to more information.

Call to Action

Be clear about what you’re communicating to the viewer, and what you expect them to do. Make it quick and easy for them to know where to go and when.

Font Legibility

Be mindful of the scale of these displays, total word count, and design styling. If you use too much copy, and/or it’s hard to read, it likely won’t be read. Also, refrain from using more than two to three fonts—this will help with clarity.


Consider readers with vision limitations. Ensure there is enough contrast with copy to allow ease of readability.

Timing of Slides in Rotation

You have just a few seconds to capture a viewer’s attention. Think of these displays like a roadside billboard. Seven seconds is the standard timing for each slide. If a QR code is used, 10–15 seconds is advised.


The University logo is optional for on-campus digital signage. At gateways or other sign placements off-campus, the University logo is required.

Design Support

Before You Post


Please double-check your slide to make sure your content is accurate and complete.


Consider your content and intended audiences. Is your building the proper location for the subject matter?

Priority Postings (for building managers)

Please consider priority posting for executive-level mission-centric content. Limit total rotation of slides to three or four, and allow 10 seconds per frame for longer visibility. Examples include:

  • President’s office content (Walk the Walk Week events, Notre Dame Forum, etc.)
  • NDPD notifications (safety or security alerts)
  • Emergency notifications