On Message design examples

Undergraduate Scholarships Brochure
The Notebaert Challenge for Endowed Professors
Forum on Global Development Brochure
The Science of Engineering  a Healthier World

Do the new brand standards allow you to:

  • Separate or stack the academic mark’s components?
  • Place type over the Golden Dome?
  • Use the monogram as a graphic element?

On this website, you’ll discover the answers. In the four design examples above—each showcasing various tactical executions using our new brand standards—you’ll also discover that although the designs are inspired by the same recommended family of fonts and color palettes, the standards accommodate a wide variety of creative applications.

Finally, as you begin to explore and implement the new brand standards yourself, you’ll also discover the creative possibilities are not only endless, but, ultimately, also ensure that our internal and external communications are always “on message.” Get started »

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About onmessage

Created by University Communications’ Marketing Communications team, On Message helps unify the work of campus communicators by providing standards, guidelines, and best practices for University approved fonts, imagery, color palettes and more.

The resources here help ensure that our University’s visual and verbal elements, regardless of platform, reflect our brand’s heritage and tell a story that is authentic, accurate, and uniquely Notre Dame’s. By telling our story together in clear, compelling, and consistent ways, we can more fully embrace and faithfully articulate Father Jenkins’ vision “to build a Notre Dame that is bigger and better than ever—a great Catholic university for the 21st century, one of the preeminent research institutions in the world.”