Header Requirements

In order to comply with the University website standard, all University websites must contain the following elements in the header:

Brand Bar

The purpose of the brand bar is to be consistent in identifying our masterbrand while allowing schools, colleges, departments, and institutes clear recognition. The brand bar is intentionally designed to allow the website’s title to take visual prominence while still clearly identifying all sites as University of Notre Dame sites.

Website Brand Bar


The brand bar must appear at the top of all University websites and occupies the first 50 vertical pixels on the page.


The brand bar may be either blue with white text, gold with blue text, or an accepted shade of gray with contrasting text.


The brand bar must always identify the University of Notre Dame in the upper left (with a link to www.nd.edu) and the website’s parent college, school, or office (also with a link) in the upper right. The font may not be changed. Designers may contact Marketing Communications for the digital files needed to create the brand bar.

Title Bar

The purpose of the title bar is to clearly identify the title of each University website while still maintaining a consistent approach to header design across all University websites.



The title bar is approximately 100 pixels in height and must follow the brand bar on all University websites. There should be no space (or margin) between the brand bar and the title bar.

Site Title

There is no specific requirement for the title bar font, but it is recommended it match the header font (h1-h6) used throughout the rest of the site.


The title bar can be any color consistent with the University’s color guidelines. The title bar can also be tranparent, for sites featuring full-bleed photography or video.


All University websites are required to have a search field. The search field should be positioned in the title bar on the right.