Footer Requirements

All University websites are required to have a footer. The purpose of the footer is to further identify University of Notre Dame websites. The footer also provides required copyright information and a contact link as well as other optional information as determined by the site’s content strategist.


Website Footer


The footer appears at the bottom of every page Web page

Contact Information

The University requires that all site footers provide users with a means of contacting the site’s owner.


All University websites are required to identify copyright in the footer (as shown above). The copyright date can be specific to the current year or presented as a range of years as long as the current year is presented. The text “Copyright” must link to “” while the text “University of Notre Dame” must link to “”.

Accessibility Information

All University websites are required to link to Notre Dame's statement on accessibility at "".

Academic Mark

The academic mark must appear on all University websites. The academic mark with the college or school lockup is acceptable. The academic mark may only be reproduced in the horizontal arrangement shown and in the bottom right position. The academic mark must be at least 150 pixels in width and should be positioned using the academic mark placement guidelines. The academic mark may only be presented in University standard blue, gold or white, and should be presented with the strongest possible contrast from the background color.

On mobile layouts, footer content should stack as shown below: