Color Requirements

Notre Dame websites are expected to follow the same guidelines for color as the rest of the University. For additional detail, see University Branding - Colors.

Primary Colors

Notre Dame blue (Pantone 289), gold (Pantone 117), and metallic gold (Pantone 10127) are Notre Dame’s primary colors.

  • Blue
    Pantone 289
    c99 m84 y45 k51
    r12 g35 b64

  • Gold
    Pantone 117
    c22 m39 y100 k2
    r211 g159 b16

  • Metallic Gold
    Pantone 10127
    c31 m39 y88 k5
    r174 g145 b66

Secondary & Tertiary Colors

The following color palettes are intended to augment and support the primary colors, and are not intended to be used independent of the primary color palette.

Secondary Colors

  • Pantone 460
    c11 m11 y62 k0
    r230 g212 b124

  • Pantone 378
    c61 m44 y100 k31
    r88 g96 b26

  • Pantone 613
    c32 m33 y100 k3
    r179 g153 b0

  • Pantone black 4
    c59 m65 y74 k71
    r49 g37 b28

  • Pantone 1817
    c40 m78 y67 k45
    r101 g50 b51

  • Pantone 7710
    c79 m13 y28 k0
    r0 g165 b181

Tertiary Colors

  • Pantone 1805
    c21 m98 y92 k12
    r177 g37 b44

  • Pantone 723
    c24 m63 y100 k10
    r179 g105 b33

  • Pantone 128
    c5 m13 y82 k0
    r245 g212 b77

  • Pantone 7519
    c51 m60 y71 k41
    r93 g73 b58

  • Pantone 7406
    c7 m21 y100 k0
    r242 g195 b0

  • Pantone 348
    c96 m02 y100 k12
    r10 g132 b61

  • Pantone 7448
    c66 m76 y47 k40
    r75 g55 b75


The University's institutes and centers are granted additional flexibility within the color palette.