Academic Department Lock-ups

Consistency is important to the success of the identity program and overall brand recognition. The standards in this section should be used by all academic departments to identify their programs and services.

The small cap lockups of “departments or offices” are only to be used on business papers such as stationery, business cards, and envelopes.

Each area should use only the approved and supplied version of the lockup created for it.

Any other application should use the academic mark by itself.

For consistency’s sake, marks unique to each department are not permitted.


The mark and lockup should follow the same color rules as the mark without the lockup.

The college or school name should be treated as part of the mark. So, whatever color you make the mark, the name should follow suit.

Stationery, business cards, and envelopes may use either gold foil or the one-color mark.

Colleges and Schools Department Communications Example


A poster includes the school sub-brand only. The envelope defines the department.

Departmental lockups should be used only on stationery and business correspondence. They may be used in return addresses on envelopes.

Do Not

  • Colleges and Schools Department Do Not 1Do not: Substitute the University name with the name of a department

  • Colleges and Schools Department Do Not 6Do not: Use the college and schools treatment for departments in relation to the academic mark

  • Colleges and Schools Department Do Not 3Do not: Alter the colors of the departmental lockup

  • Colleges and Schools Department Do Not 4Do not: Use any other typeface to spell out the department name or reconfigure the lockup in any way

  • Colleges and Schools Department Do Not 5Do not: Create unique departmental marks

  • Colleges and Schools Department Do Not 6Do not: Alter the lockup by eliminating any of its pieces