Notre Dame Monogram

The Monogram is More than Just a Spirit Mark

The Notre Dame monogram is the University’s most recognizable logo. However, outside of Athletics, it should be used as a graphic element, and always in connection with the academic mark. More information on use of the monogram.

It is familiar and recognizable to our key audiences and represents the spirit of the University. Therefore, it may be used prominently in many of our communications.


The monogram provides quick recognition and should always be used in addition to the academic mark (other than in Athletics).


  • Recognizable
  • Representative
  • Welcoming
  • Approachable


The monogram is not our primary mark and should not be used as the Notre Dame “signature.” That designation is reserved for the academic mark. Instead, it should be used as a graphic element in the same way you would use a photograph or a headline. Acceptable iterations of the monogram are described on this site.


The monogram may appear in Notre Dame blue, Notre Dame gold or black, or reversed in white. Specific color values are available on the University Colors page.

Other color variations may be permitted as applicable. For example, a campaign that has associated color symbolism (breast cancer awareness).