University Logos

The Notre Dame academic brand uses several important logos. Each has a specific role and function.

Note: Custom logos need to adhere to the brand standards described on this website, and be approved by Public Affairs and Communications. More information on Custom Logo Creation.

Academic Mark

Academic Mark

This is the primary mark that embodies our academic efforts. It must be present and appear unchanged on all communications. Properly using the Academic Mark.

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Notre Dame Monogram


The Notre Dame monogram is the University’s most recognizable logo. However, outside of Athletics, it should be used as a graphic element, and always in connection with the academic mark. Properly using the Monogram.

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University Seals

University Seal

The seal should be reserved for official University materials (e.g. diplomas or signage). Properly using the University Seal.

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The Golden Dome

Be ever mindful and respectful that while the Golden Dome is a world-famous landmark, as well as the most recognizable symbol of the University, it is not your typical landmark. Please remember what Mary represents to Notre Dame and to Catholics here and around the world. Proper treatment of Golden Dome images is set forth on the Golden Dome information page.

Other Notre Dame Marks

Note: While other marks exist, such as the leprechaun and variations of the Monogram, the above marks are the only approved marks to be used in academic and administrative communications materials. Other marks may be used in an athletics or licensing context.

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